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For those of you who love the great outdoors and want “real” advice from some regular guys:

Since they were young, Mark and Jimmy have always questioned the physics and science of archery.  In their early adulthood, they began watching instructional videos from professional athletes and bow hunters, experimenting with old equipment, and testing their work in the field.  As they continued to utilize local archery pro shops, they understood a couple of qualities that these establishments lacked; such as attention to detail, accommodating customers needs, and the science behind a properly tuned bow and arrow. 

The promise at Agony Outdoors is that they will treat your bow as if it was their own. They guarantee to never over promise and under deliver. If they are unable to correctly time, tune, and fit the bow to your needs; They will refuse any type of compensation for their time. They can just about guarantee they will have you walking out the door shooting better than before you came in.  

Mark and Jimmy have been avid outdoorsman for over the last twenty years of their lives and very successful bow hunters while learning how to perfect each minute spent in the outdoors.  They pride themselves on the values and appreciation they've learned from being in some of the greatest playgrounds God has created. And being able to take friends and family out while giving them the same knowledge that was passed to them…has been some of the most rewarding and unforgettable times of their lives.

It is their mission now to give back to others what was given to them.  Most importantly, they look forward to passing on the ethics and discipline needed to be successful in the wild outdoors. Being able to pass their expertise and passion to others that are less fortunate in the archery experience is pretty much the only right thing to do as they see it.  For those of you who've already shown your support, we at Agony Outdoors thank you again for your business. For the people thinking about giving Agony Outdoors a try, we can guarantee, you will not leave disappointed.  Any bows and/or accessories purchased on Amazon will be installed at no cost. Just click on the link Below to get started!  Thanks for stopping bye.. We’d love to hear from you!

Mother nature, the queen of life, is both forgiving and merciless.  Bow hunters endure some of the toughest conditions across the world in pursuit of hunting a particular species of animal.  Elevation so high it makes the air barely breathable.  Woods so thick it’s hard to see past 10 yards.  Rocks so steep and sharp that clothing and equipment stand no chance of longevity. Rain, snow, sleet, and wind come and go whether a hunter is prepared or not. 100 plus pound packs hovering on a hunter’s waist that digs into the shoulders and hips.  

Why would a person go through these elements to be a hunter?  This is a common question asked by many who do not understand our environment.  The thrill of success built on the agony of failure.  Not only does all the hard work, long hours, heavy hauling, and failed attempts at pursuing game become euphoric the moment a hunter holds their trophy, but ultimately, gives you more appreciation of life; a heightened sense of knowing what it means to take a life. This overwhelming realization, that for there to be life there must also be death. Punishing your boundaries may be uncomfortable and demanding, but necessary for success and, more importantly, full bellies.

The thing is, as we get older we lose sense of time, sometimes forgetting how these moments molded us into who we are today.  The only problem is we live in such a high pace society, and it's kinda hard to step back for a minute to realize what’s most important. Sometimes these choices are what keeps us coming back to some of the most important things in life. Not saying hunting is what’s most important, but being able to do the things we love in life is. With the everyday struggles of life, the only thing that’s going to keep you calm in today’s high -stake society is the ability get away from it all. Finding the time, whether it means going completely exhausted or not, defines who we are individuals. Not saying we all haven't slept in on a few cold mornings, but at the same time, we probably lost more sleep with the lingering curiosity of what could have happened if If we did get out of bed to venture into the woods. What we've come to realize is… life is way too short to look back on the things we've should have done. 

The agony of life is determined on how we perceive it, and being able to enjoy life to the fullest is what determines true success. The balance of work and play is a struggle we all go through, but not letting the agony take over our lives is what keeps our society moving toward the right path. Never once have we walked into the woods bringing our problems with us, and this escape and love for the outdoors is what made us who we are today. Being able to release our problems for those few moments is what keeps us smiling the rest of the week. Too many people lose touch of this appreciation or may have never been introduced to a passion quite as similar. The thing is, we've watched too many people grow up without the same privileges, but more importantly, they don’t have the knowledge that was passed to us. Being able to share with others the same passion that was passed to us is just as rewarding as a successful day in the field. But to be able to succeed, regardless of the agony of so many past failures, makes the thrill of each success even that more special. It goes without saying that practice for a hunt makes it perfect... But the balance of life makes it all worth it.