Why Xpedition?

For those of you unaware of Xpedition Archery, we at Agony Outdoors are firm believers in their ability to be one of the largest bow manufacturers in the upcoming years. One of nicest qualities of their hybrid cam system is their 1/4" adjustability of draw length (without bringing the bow out of spec). Which sometimes can make the difference of a bow fitting just right or not at all. More importantly, they are tack drivers. So accurate you wouldn't want to shoot at the same spot twice (with a properly tuned bow, and spined arrow of course). Besides being accurate, they are fast. When we say fast, we mean fast. Real world speeds of 358 FPS! You would think with that type of speed the bow would be spongy, or even worse jumpy, but that's not the case. At full draw, these bows are as stable and comfortable as they come. 

The top selling models come in a 34", 32", and 30" ATA. All three bows come in at 80% let off. In our opinions the ideal percentage, as any higher, makes it hard to hold the pin steady; any lower, makes it difficult to hold while waiting for that perfect shot. All three models specified are utilizing Xpedition's patent pending XS & PX3 cams, In our opinions, the most efficient, adjustable, and tunable cam system available. 

34" Denali- Weighing in at only 3.9 lbs, and producing speeds of 345 FPS IBO. This tack driver comes in with a forgiving 6-3/4" brace height. The Denali gives you the forgiveness of a target bow, but the speed and power of a speed bow. This bow is not only a line breaker but a bone shattering, wall mounting, machine. 

32" Xcursion 6- Weighing in at only 3.9 lbs and 6" brace height. The fastest bow in the Xpedition line up, producing speeds up to 358 IBO. Ideal for everything from ground blinds, all the way to that 120 yard 3D target. The perfect happy medium for the short and long axle to axle controversy. This bow will sling an arrow across a football field before you can even think about uttering the words 'Mississippi.'

30" Explorer SS- Weighing in at only 3.9lbs, with 6-1/8" brace height, and speeds up to 355 FPS! This new 30" ATA short canon was made to hunt. This bow has been constructed for serious back-country terrain, treestands, ground blinds, or whatever harsh extremes you can throw at it. In some people's words, not only ours, the Explorers SS "is" the bow of the year. 

All three of the bows mentioned are shooting speeds of 345 IBO or better. That means at 30 yards; it takes approximately a quarter second for that arrow to get to its desired location. (358 feet per second also equates to 119 yards per second) More speed means less chance of the animal jumping the string. Also, means less room for error at further yardages. Furthermore, more speed equates to more kinetic energy. Everything needed to be a more ethical hunter. The best part is Xpedition doesn't sacrifice accuracy, shoot-ability, or comfortability for these blistering speeds. A purchase of a Xpedition bow is not only an investment for filling your families freezers with lean organic protein but for the making of positive lifelong memories. 

Regardless of which of the models you may decide every one of them are fast, forgiving, dead in the hand, quite, accurate, smooth-drawing, lightweight, reliable, solid at full draw, and all around well built. Made right here in the good old USA, Xpedition has everything you would want for your next hunting or target setup. 

We would love to have you come try us out for yourself. For those of you not in the area, please make sure your dealer
has a good reputation and is knowledgeable with cam timing. Hint, if the bow isn't put on a draw board, you should probably take the trip to another dealer. For those of you who've already shown your support, we thank you again for your business. For the people thinking about giving us a try, we can guarantee, you will not leave disappointed. Contact us at the shop @201-444-7270 or email us@ sales@agonyoutdoors.com Type your paragraph here.